Recycling Solutions

Using the BCS Smart Sort and Separation™ (S3™) program and state-of-the-art destruction equipment, BCS Recycling Specialists Asset Management offers complete recycling solutions that maximize commodity values and protect proprietary interests.

S3™ - Smart Sort and Separation™

When recycling electronic waste each disassembly process is unique to the product that is recycled. For over twenty years, BCS Recycling Specialists Asset Management has been using an evolving, proprietary disassembly process that efficiently sorts and separates a wide range of electronic products.

The Sł™ program consists of:

  • Wire Stripping Process
  • Disassembly Process
  • Destruction Process
  • CRT Glass to Glass Recycling Process

Smart Sort and Separation™ is integrated into our receiving procedures and repeatedly tested for effectiveness using quantifiable measures and delta analysis.

The Sł™ program does not reject material unless it is below a 50% recovery, and maintains a 95% rate of efficiency.

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Certified Destruction

BCS Certified Destruction does exactly what the name implies. BCS provides destruction services for anything that needs to be destroyed, such as proprietary products, customer returns, damaged product, rejected product, RMA in house rejects, etc.

BCS Recycling Specialists Asset Management owns and operates two 44 blade dual axle shredders, a plastic shredder, a regrind machine, and vertical balers that will meet our customer's destruction and recycling needs.

Proof of destruction can always be provided in the form of pictures, video, and certification documents. BCS customers are also free to witness destruction at the BCS HQ facility in Canoga Park, CA.

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