purchase and service

BCS Recycling Specialists Asset Management is always in the market to purchase and service:

  • end-of-life electronics (boards, drives, cards, computer equip. etc)
  • ink cartridges and toner
  • excess and surplus inventory
  • scrap and gold bearing scrap (PWBs, PWBAs, ICs, Metals, etc)
  • close out/going out of business material (phone systems, servers, computers, etc)

If the material has specific handling requirements or needs a recycling/asset management solution, BCS Recycling Specialists Asset Management finds responsible and innovative recycling and management solutions using industry expertise, problem solving skills, and efficient proprietary processes.

BCS Recycling Specialists Asset Management offers an Integrated Recovery and Management Program™ (iRAMP™) that provides turn-key reverse logistics services for our clients.

Learn about the services, which are included in iRAMP™! Each service has a variety of options that are customized to our counterparts recycling and asset management needs.

BIG iRON™ is a virtual recycling network that ensures that our products, services, and outcomes are consistent with customers’ expectations. Our value proposition is focused on creating a financial return while reducing the overall environmental footprint.

BCS provides an electronic waste drop off or pick up service.

BCS Recycling Specialists Asset Management has a wide scope and accumulates material from a variety of industries.

All BCS services are in full compliance with universal environmental standards, including AB 939 Waste Reduction Act and California Code Section 66273 regarding the handling of CRT monitors (computer monitors). BCS Recycling Specialists Asset Management EPA and California permit number are:

  • EPA DTSC 000320674
  • EPA CAR000185413
  • Cal State Monitor Permit 100115