iRAMP™ is a client customized program that provides turn-key reverse logistic solutions. The program focuses resources that will integrate the entire recycling and management process, provide personalized service, and obtain the highest recovery values.

Stage 1 - Initial Assessment

Material Recovery Analysis - The initial material assessment will determine cost to recycle and potential recovery. On Site Analysis - The initial site assessment will provide an overview of volume, frequency, and logistics of the material.

Stage 2 - Collection Program

Collection Program - Using information from the site visit assessments BCS plan collection around the client's needs, space, costs, and recovery goals. This includes determining best material accumulation techniques, logistics management, and freight management.

Stage 3 -Sort and Separation

Sorting and Separation - once the material is received at one of five nationwide hubs, the material is separated and categorized to enter different processes. The processes are:

  • Recycling Processes
    • Certified Destruction
    • Wire Stripping
    • Dis-Assembly Smart Sort and Separation™ S3™
    • Bale
  • Asset Management Processes
    • Inventory Management - Test/Repair
    • Remarketing

Stage 4 - Value Recovery

Sort and separation process will take the product through two streams, recycling or asset management.

Categorized for Recycling - If the material enters one of the recycling processes the product is disassembled, commoditized, and sold based on market value. Our Sł program and integrated services allows us to operate at maximum efficiency in order to achieve high recovery values.

Categorized for Asset Management - if the material enters the asset management stream the material is tested for QC and sold through our Downstream Channels. Any material that fails the testing process is redirected through recycling processes.

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