Recycle 4 Charity

Why Partner With D.A.R.E. America and BCS?

D.A.R.E. America, a federally registered 501 (c) 3, is responsible for the administration of the D.A.R.E. program throughout the United States.  The D.A.R.E. program focuses on making good decisions, healthy choices, and being a good citizen.  This exciting new partnership between D.A.R.E. and BCS Recycling Specialists Asset Management (BCS) allows us to continue our efforts to educate and protect children from the dangers of illegal drugs while helping protect our environment from the growing threat of E-waste.  Our new partnership allows us to protect children today while also protecting future generations.  Every item we can keep out of a landfill makes a difference as we combat the growing menace of E-waste.
BCS Recycling Specialists Asset Management (BCS) operates on a nationwide scale and adheres to a ZERO Landfill Policy. Nationwide, we recycle less than 20% of discarded electronics and these used electronics contain numerous chemicals and substances that are harmful to the environment including: lead, beryllium, arsenic, mercury, antimony, and cadmium.  We pride ourselves on diverting 100% of all electronic waste from landfills, and showing a commitment to corporate social responsibility through our Recycle 4 Charity programs.
BCS is registered with the EPA on federal and state levels.  BCS is a proud member of the International Association of Electronic Recyclers and the National Recycling Coalition.  BCS Recycling Specialists Asset Management EPA and California permit number are:

  • EPA DTSC 000320674
  • EPA CAR000185413
  • Cal State Monitor Permit 100115

D.A.R.E. and BCS are currently working with Signature Incorporated, among others, to assist us in our collection of used cell phones and other electronic items that are often thrown away or discarded.  We are extremely proud of our affiliation with Signature Incorporated.