BCS Differentiators

BCS’s reputation in the market, combined with over one hundred years of experience, has provided the necessary foundation to build a unique organization with quality services that are unmatched by the competition. As a result of mass aggregation, the BCS core team has developed a nationwide footprint to service our counterparts in business. In addition to our personnel, operations, and corporate foundation BCS has maintained strategic partnerships for over 22 years and developed proprietary programs to provide the most efficient, quality services. Some of our key differentiators include:

Strong Direct Contracts – BCS has maintained long standing relationships with mills that create additional profits for our counterparts in business.

Low Cost Structure – BCS reduces overhead due to a nationwide footprint and mass aggregation capabilities.

Market Reputation and Experience – BCS was established in 1988 and has a core team with over one hundred years of experience.

Integrated Recovery and Management Program™ (iRAMP™) - iRAMP™ is a turn-key recycling and asset management solution that consists of material collection options, recycling services, asset management services, and value recovery. LEARN MORE

Smart Sort and Separation™ (S3™) - S3™ is proprietary process flow and indicator that allows BCS to maintain low costs, track efficiency, and consistently recover high commodity values. LEARN MORE

Nationwide Logistics Capabilities - BCS accumulates material at five secured facilities located in strategic logistics hubs across the nation. LEARN MORE

Secured Downstream Channels - for more information CONTACT US

Corporate Social Responsibility - BCS provides non-profit programs that benefit the community and social environment. Learn more about how BCS contributes. LEARN MORE